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Beauty Is Like A Summer Fruit 720p

Here is Tran again, in the London interview: ''My thoughts turned back to my childhood in DaNang, remembering the time when I'd be waiting to fall asleep at night, my mind racing from one thing to another, nothing precise. The smell of fruit coming in through the window, a woman's voice singing on the radio. Everything was so vague. It was like a feeling of suspension. If I've ever experienced harmony in my life it was then. It was just a matter of translating that rhythm and that musicality into the new film.'' Reading those words, I was reminded of a little-known but evocative film by Robert Altman named "Thieves Like Us" (1974) in which, in a small frame house in the summertime, on Sunday afternoon perhaps, the characters sit dozing in easy chairs and from a distant room comes the sound of a song on the radio. On such warm and idle afternoons there is the possibility that love-making lies ahead, or perhaps it lies behind; it is too much to think about just now.

Beauty Is Like A Summer Fruit 720p


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