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Alucobond Sz 20 Dwg !!INSTALL!!

The Male and Female Rainscreen system are an easy to install Drained and Back Ventilated system (DBV). The pre-engineered system is efficient and cost effective. It provides the ability to adhere to AAMA 509-09 DBV rainscreen, NFPA 285 flame spread, ASTM E330 deflection and ASTM E72 serviceability testing.

Alucobond Sz 20 Dwg !!INSTALL!!

Henry Blueskin Metal Clad is a self-adhered water resistive air barrier membrane comprised of rubberized asphalt and dual-layers of high strength polyethylene with surface layer of metallic aluminum film. Due to its metallic surfacing, Blueskin Metal Clad exhibits excellent weathering and burn resistance when applied to above-grade wall assemblies. The thick layer of tacky rubberized asphalt provides a durable bond over substrates and laps while it seals around common types of penetrating fasteners. This vapor impermeable membrane is available in various roll widths for both membrane and flashing applications and has a removable release liner for ease of installation.

Made from 24 gauge stainless steel, the clip is designed for use with PAC-CLAD Flush and Reveal panels. Clips should be installed at the desired spacing per the product load table for the wind resistance requirements of the project.

The optional concealed clip, which is not visible when the installation is complete, is ideal for installations with higher wind-loading requirements that cannot be met without the clip. The clip can be installed on all substrate materials. The clip has passed multiple performance tests and earned Florida Product Approval. The clips are not to be used to reduce oil canning but rather to strengthen the panel in high-wind applications.

The terracotta cladding panels are supported by our engineered rainscreen support framing system and stainless-steel installation clips. Piterak Slim is a terracotta cladding system that provides structural versatility and superior aesthetics in an economical rainscreen solution.

Creating this complex metal system, according to Cerone, was a collaborative effort from design through fabrication and installation with SHoP Architects and project contractors, including: Hunt Construction Group, of Indianapolis, which served as the construction manager; Sobotec Ltd., of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, which fabricated the Alucobond fins; and Crown Corr, Inc., of Gary, Ind., which intricately fit the Alucobond fins in a pre-fabricated metal space frame and attached it to the existing structure.

Install your ImageWall quickly and accurately without specialty tools. ImageWall attachment systems are designed to make accurate installation easy. The systems are developed in collaboration with licensed engineers for structural rigidity yet require no site welding, cutting, or adhesives.

Drop & Lock systems by Zahner use Inverted Seam technology to enable fast and sealant-free installation of metal panels and other hardware for architectural systems. The systems use a two-part process for installation and include all of the hardware needed to hang the panel system. In additions to ease of install, Drop & Lock panels are also easy to remove and allow maintenance access to the space behind the panels.

Long Span Panels have a broader flange to provide strength and rigidity to allow the panels to be fastened on the short edge only. Depending on the available substructure, panels can be installed in either vertical or horizontal orientation.

Short Span Panels have a thinner profile as the panels are fastened on the long edge. Depending on the available substructure, panels can be installed in either vertical or horizontal orientation. Double Return Short Span system is the most economical ImageWall option.

The simplicity of the Face Fastened Solution system is part of its beauty. Minimal fabrication is required as the panels are installed flat. Panels can be ordered to the exact height and length needed while corner and angled panels can be easily fabricated using the same methods as done with rout-and-return wet or dry extrusion systems.

The Reynobond Face Fastened Solution system generates a smaller carbon footprint than traditional rainscreen installation systems. By ordering panels to size and shipping them directly to the jobsite, energy and cost savings are accrued from reduced transportation needs and by the elimination of additional fabrication processes.

The Reynobond Face Fastened Solution is a simple, single-extrusion rainscreen system that is intended for use only with 4 mm Reynobond ACM PE core panels that will be screwed to the 254 Omega aluminum profile. All installation materials, including the panels, extrusions, screw heads and specialized centering screw tool, are provided by AAP.

Drawing labels, details, and other text information extracted from the CAD file (Translated from Catalan):Technical specifications, Plastic support for insulation., air chamber, plaster cast, Thermal insulation of polystyrene plates, lowering evacuation of pcc acids, Together with polyurethane foam filling, pvc bun, of the waterproof sheet, wooden wedge to prevent breakage, compressible neoprene joint, with metallic protection, bituminous waterproofing sheet, manufacturer: fischer dhk, Adjustable height plastic support., manufacturer: lizabar plastic, extrud of thickness., manufacturer: isover., exterior granite gray granite floor, polish, anchor piece omega profile, mechanical fastening type sz, alucobond standard panel, of pre-lacquered aluminum

Omega profile and OmegaS supporting profile permit vertical installation of the KeraTwin facade panels. Secured to the vertical supporting structure, the OmegaS profiles arranged horizontally carry off wind loads and the dead weight of the panels is carried off by the supporting profile mounted in the height grid. The KeraTwin K20 facade panels are simply hung horizontally in the Omega profiles using the holding grooves on the reverse side. No additional tools are required for mounting the panels. The compression spring integrated in the Omega profile prevents clattering and constraining forces in the case of alternating wind loads. Each KeraTwin panel is secured using two securing angles to prevent it from slipping out. The horizontal joints can be open or closed with joint profiles.


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