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Adomania 1 : CD Audio Classe: A1 Book Pdf Free

Using a task-based approach and drawing on teenagers' natural leaning towards working in groups "Adomania" has a focus on collective learning with work for small groups and a class project. There are 9 units in each level - 1 unit 0 "découverte" plus 8 further units. The course focuses on the teen experience with visual, written and spoken texts - as well as a culture page - inspired by teen magazines. Chapters are easy to use with a short and varied structure for each lesson - 1 lesson on each double page spread. The initial page introduces the topic; the following three double pages focus on discovering the theme and vocabulary; working on grammar and comprehension and a final double page linking the topic to French culture and the final class project. Language work is clear and contextualised throughout with an assessment at the end of each stage. The original video that accompanies "Adomania" contains 16 clips of French teenagers filmed in a French school. Resource sheets for the clips are included in the teacher's guide. The workbook contains an access code for the online platform for "Adomania" which includes a digital version of the student's book and workbook, and the audio and visual material. See a video clip here: =Sw75LFtlrr4&utm_source=email&utm_medium=nl&utm_content=&utm_campaign=HLI_NL_AdomaniaColl_CB_2018

Adomania 1 : CD audio classe: A1 book pdf

We are continuously updating this list to reflect all resources we have identified.If you know of a free resource that could benefit others, please send us the information and we will publish it here. Thank you for your help! Last Update: April 2, 2020You tube: Foufou Channel=> Go to : - Short videos for young children - Covers a wide range of basic topics: Alphabet - Numbers - Breakfast/lunch time - Brushing your teeth - Bath time....etc - Lessons are taught by Foufou, a cat like figure - Entertaining & Educational -Ressources FLE=> Go to : - French FLE resources - Levels: A1-C2 - Short videos with comprehension activities - Grammar exercises - Games - Songs - Conversation topics... To best/fully use this site's resources, we recommend at least one participant to be fluent in French.1Jour1Actu=> Go to : - Current events for children - Large part of the site are free including hundreds of articles on current events. Each article also includes links to additional information via videos, images etc... - Normally only available by subscription, but currently free. Very well done!LES FONDAMENTAUX=> Go to : - Over 400 short videos - All levels - All subjects - Normally only available by subscription, but currently free. Loading times may be longer than usual because of increased traffic worldwide PEARSON - ERPI - New resources added Apr. 1Important: In order to switch between the collections and readers below, you must disconnect and close all open Pearson-Erpi tabs => COPY & PASTE : - Landing page for all free online resources for the following collections: [may take a few seconds to load] Alphabetik 1 & 2 - Zig Zag 3 & 4 - Arob@s 5 & 6 - Digit 1 & 2 - Decimal 5 & 6 - Eclair de genie 3-4-5-6 - Numerik 1 & 2 and more... Includes workbooks (with answer keys), interactive reading books & exercises.=> COPY & PASTE : - Interactive readers / Story books to practice reading - 120+ titles - 6 levels - Click on icon on each page to hear the text read or let the student read alone.Collection: Rat de bibliotheque=============> Go to : Apprendre et enseigner ou que vous soyez - Landing page for all free online resources+ Parents of K-5 students: Je suis un parent - Resources separated by grade levels - Include free exercices - Reading books - Math exercices NATHAN - CLE INTERNATIONAL - BORDAS - LE ROBERT - RETZ=> Go to : - K-12 free manuals - Interactive exercises & activities - Organized by grade and subjectsDIDIER FLEOnline comprehension exercises (with audio) from several collections - Physical manuals not needed to do all the activities offered.Use ID: acces.librePassword: acceslibre2020 - To gain free access.=> Go to : Collection L'Atelier - Level A1-A2-B1 - Level A1 has very basic vocabulary exercises suitable for children=> Go to : Collection Edito - Level A1-A2-B1-B2 - => Go to : Collection Saison - Level A1-A2-B1-B2 - => Go to : Collection Bonjour et Bienvenue - => Go to : Collection Decibel - For teenagers: short videos about everyday situations with or without subtitles=> Go to : Collection Generation - For young adults: short videos about everyday situations with or without subtitles HACHETTE FLE=> For children: click here - Includes free activation keys for Les Loustics Collection=> For teens: click here - Includes free activation keys for Adomania 1-2-3-4 Collection=> For adults: click here - Includes free activation keys for Cosmopolite 1-2-3-4 Collection - Alter Ego 1-2-3-4 CollectionTHE FRENCH EXPERIMENT=> Go to : The French Experiment - Few resources but all extremely well done - Lessons + Read along stories with videosQUIZLET=> Go to : - All types of quizzes - Free students activities - Free Teacher account (Temporary)THE FABLE COTTAGE=> Go to : The - Famous fables read along - Narration by native speakers - Students follow/read text - Age: 8+Want to know about sale events first? Follow us on social media, here. Categories

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