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Sonic And The Black Knight Wii [HOT]

The stages feature townspeople that cheer the player on, and some that Sonic can interact with; these actions and the player's deeds will be judged at the end of each stage, updating his "knight ranking" accordingly. By interacting with these characters the player may do a quick-time button input. Doing so correctly will take away twenty of Sonic's rings and give them to the townsperson, and in return, he receives a gift at the end of the stage. In some stages, it is required to give a specific amount of rings to townspeople before reaching the goal. In stages where this is not required the townsperson will reward Sonic with an item. There are 242 items in the game, some of which can be gained by opening treasure chests in the stages. Any items collected during a stage must be identified at the end of the stage by using Sonic's "ID points". Rarer items cost more ID points than others. An online mode allows treasures to be traded between registered friends.

sonic and the black knight wii

A wizard named Merlina, granddaughter of Merlin, attempts to flee from a black knight and his forces. Cornered, she performs a spell calling forth a champion to save her, summoning Sonic the Hedgehog. As they retreat, Merlina explains to Sonic that the black knight is actually King Arthur, who has been corrupted by the immortality granted by Excalibur's scabbard, and that Sonic must defeat him to restore peace to the kingdom. With Sonic's speed alone being insufficient to defeat the King, he takes up the talking sword Caliburn.

Sonic heads off to see Nimue, the Lady of the Lake (Amy's counterpart) and previous owner of the scabbard of Excalibur, to find out how to stop the Black Knight; on his way, he encounters and defeats Lancelot (Shadow's counterpart), one of the Knights of The Round Table, and claims his sword. The Lady reveals that she will only assist Sonic when he becomes a true knight and presents him with three tests to be completed in three days. After completing them, Sonic soon encounters a crying child whose village was abducted by a dragon and decides to help her. Sonic soon encounters and defeats Gawain (Knuckles' counterpart), and takes his sword before he can kill himself out of shame with it, asking him if there is more to being a knight than serving a king. With the townsfolk saved, Nimue reveals that she was the crying child and was testing Sonic, and that he can blunt the scabbard's power by retrieving the sacred swords wielded by the Knights of the Round Table. Afterwards, Sonic meets Percival (Blaze's counterpart) and defeats her before saving her from falling from a cliff, an act that finally earns him Caliburn's respect and the title of "Knight of the Wind". Merlina has seen those events from her reflecting pool, and arrives to inform Sonic that the Black Knight is on Faraway Avalon. Sonic and Caliburn pursue and defeat the Black Knight with the power of the three sacred swords.

The stages feature townspeople that the player can choose to help or injure; these actions and the player's deeds will be judged at the end of each stage, updating the player's "Knight's Honor Bonus". Helping the townspeople will boost this bonus, while hurting them will make it drop.[7] At the end of each stage, the player's actions will determine their morality on their player card, with white and gold symbols giving an large multiplier allowing for faster growth, and red and black symbols causing less than normal growth. The more gold symbols the player has on their card, the the less quick time inputs are required to donate to townsfolk, going so far to skip the quick time micro game altogether if you are seen as chilverious enough via Crest of the King.[8] By helping out grateful citizens, players will be able to purchase new items from them, acquiring items such as gauntlets, magical tomes, and new swords. There are 247 items in the game, some of which can be gained by opening treasure chests in the Missions. An online mode allows treasures to be traded. Additionally, the player can collect townspeople by completing Missions, which will increase the player's title, thereby unlocking additional Skills, better items and more support from the townspeople.

Some character themes from Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 are featured in the game as well. Other themes are unlockable by equipping medallions of any surrogate knight, leading to songs such as Blaze's theme "Vela Nova" being heard during gameplay.

_MUNKIE/sonic_cycle.jpgIn all seriousness what this generation taught me for Sonic games is exactly what happened last generation, the console sonic games were okay at best while the 2D portable games were awesome. The GBA and DS sonic games by Dimps are awesome and very fun. The only GBA sonic game that sucks is Sonic Genesis where they totally butchered that release.

Families can talk about the tale of King Arthur and his knights as well as Merlin the Wizard. What is it about this story that makes it so popular? What about the notion of magical swords that grant power? Do these stories translate well to video games? Or is Sonic the Hedgehog best left in his own world of ring-collecting and fighting Dr. Robotnic?

Sonic and the Black Knight is a Wii-exclusive adventure. Part of the storybook series of games that began with Sonic and the Secret Rings, this title brings Sonic into the world of Arthurian legend and offers the world's most famous blue hedgehog the chance to become a knight. Using the unique Wii control system, this game takes advantage of both the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk to offer an interactive experience that Sonic fans will love. Created by Sonic Team in Japan, this innovative game takes Sonic into a medieval world and arms him with a sword to aid in his effort to save the day. Sonic and the Black Knight hosts an irresistible cast of characters and teaches Sonic fans what it takes to be a true hero and the ultimate knight. With a series of missions set in stunning Arthurian-inspired locations, Sonic and the Black Knight promises a fast-paced adventure. [Sega]

Sonic and the Black Knightis the second entry in the Sonic Storybook series that began with Sonic and the Secret Rings. Wizard Merlia, grand-daughter of the great Merlin, summons Sonic to the mystical realm of King Arthur that is in grave danger. Arthur has been transformed into The Black Knight by an evil power emanating from Excalibur's scabbard and is a tyrant. Only Sonic is capable of wielding the great magic sword Caliburn and saving the kingdom by breaking Arthur's curse. As the story progresses you have to fight Arthur's knights and meet and battle several familiar faces from the franchise with story specific names.Game modes include:


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