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Realflight G3 Expansion Pack 2 Serial Number

This is the Great Planes Generation 3.5 RealFlight R/C Flight Simulatorwith Interlink Plus Controller.This version is Mode 1-Right Hand Throttle and Left Hand Elevator.Compatible with all Five RealFlight Add-Ons and Both Expansion Packs.Registered G3 owners will be able to upgrade to G3.5free of charge via the Internet when it becomes available.For more info please visit with Windows Vista, XP, 2000, ME and 98.Local administrator access required for Windows Vista, XP and 2000.Not compatible with Windows NT, Mac platforms orWindows emulators such as Virtual PC on a Mac.FEATURES: Over 20 flying sites!3D flying sites offer 5,000 square miles of digitally createdTrueLife Terrain created from hundreds of megabytes ofof satellite imagery and digital elevation data.3D flying sites:Air Race StadiumBlack RockBuena VistaCarnival(night)Flight SchoolFlight School(night)Fun Fly FieldGreen ValleyJoe's GarageObservatoryObstacle CourseObstacle Course(night)PalaceRainbow CanyonRealFlight ParkRealFlight RanchSoccer FieldPhotoField flying sties offer the highest resolution and sharpestdetail ever.PhotoField sites:Alpine MeadowGrass FlatlandsGrass Flatlands(night)Sod FarmWaco Field, home of the 2006 Futaba XFCRealFlight G3.5 includes over 50 aircraft spanning from park flyersto 3D aerobats, slope soarers to Reno racers, gliders, helicoptersand more.Scale Planes:1903 Wright FlyerAT-6 TexanCap 232Cessna 182F-86 SabreHall BulldogL-39 AlbatrosP-51D MustangRyan STAUltimate BiplaneYak 54Sailplanes:Bird of TimeMistral 3-Meter GliderShuriken 60" Slope SoarerSpirit 100Sport Planes:BLT Park FlyerE3DElectriFly FlatOut Extra 300S w/variable pitch prop systemElectroStreakExtra Special Flying WingFlyZone Cessna 182 EP RTFFlyZone SkyFly EP RTFFundangoHobbico ElectriStar EP RTF TrainerHobbico NexstarMini IFOPT-40Simple FlierSlingerSpaceWalkerTwinStarUltra SportHelicopters:Bell H-13Bell 222DolphinDolphin 3DDominion 3DDominion 3D 90EcureuilFinch(.049)Foiler Competition 60Foiler 3DHeli-Max AXE CPHeli-Max AXE EZHueyImpala(.30)Impala(.30 Trainer)Jet RangerSchweizerSpritzer(4-stroke)Sun DogWatt Not(electric)Miscellaneous:HawkSkyshipRealFlight G3.5 includes amazing night flying capabilities! Modelerscan fly in the bright light of the day or in the darkest of nightat All of G3.5's 3D flying sites. G3.5's Carnival night flyingsite even includes all of the sideshows and attractions that you'dexpect to see at a carnival -- even rides that move and thesequential lights of the Ferris Wheel. Additionally, G3.5 includesa nighttime version of the Grass Flatlands PhotoField Site!RealFlight's amazingly accurate RealPhysics technology has beenenhanced to capture the jaw-dropping 4-D physics of variable pitchpropeller systems. Aircraft on G3.5 behave just as they wouldin the real-world.Streamers can be attached to planes. They react accordingly to propwash and blowing winds, modelers can change the number of streamersas well as their length, color and location.Unmatched collision detection-G3.5 'blankets' the entire aircraft with sensors that ensure everyevery point on the aircraft registers a collision. The aircraftwill react authentically to all collisions- no matter how minor.In the event of a wing shear or collision, the aircraft may breakapart, but will continue its flight reflecting the damage as thepieces flutter to the ground.Reactive 3D Objects-Just as they would in the real-world, 3D objects react whenimpacted. For example, hitting a limbo bar knocks it off, whilerunning into a barrel may cause it to roll along the ground.Ambient Sounds-Adding to the realism, G3.5 now includes many ambient soundeffects. Pilots may hear corresponding sounds such as the mooingof a cow or the hum of a tractor's diesel engine.Virtual Flight Instruction-G3.5 includes flying lessons from the Pros! Complete withvoiceover commands and video display of the proper stick movements.Hover Training Aids-G3.5 includes a hovering training aid for both airplane andhelicopter pilots. Designed to put modelers on the 'fast track'to hovering, this tool allows the end-user to determine whatchannel- or channels- to control and the PC does the rest. As moreskills are acquired, modelers can add more channels and increasethe challenge until they're ready for total control.Heli Orientation Training-Users play follow-the-leader with the on-screen "ghost" heli.Sucessfully, matching the "ghost" heli advances them to the nextlevel- increasing their skills along the way!G3.5's AccuModel aircraft editor allows users to alter virtuallyanything on their aircraft. Selections include, but are notlimited to: airfoils, propellers, wingspan, rotor blades...and awhole lot more! Any desired aircraft modifications aregraphically represented on a wire-frame model and reflectedinstantly on screen.With 'drag and drop' simplicity, G3.5's FlexiField flying siteeditor allows modelers to modify existing airports or createentirely new airports using the mouse and a few keyboard stokes.ReadySelect preview boxes reflect trim scheme changes instantly andallows a 360 walk around preview of the selected aircraft and/ortrim scheme.TruFlo Wind Dynamics capture the true nature of wind as it affectsflight. Five wind fields offer subtle variations. As winds collidetheir strength varies accordingly and aircraft will feel the"bump" of a thermal as they approach the top of a mountain or hill.Interlink Plus Controller can be used as a stand-alone controllerAND an interface. The built-in interface works with most 4-12channel FM or PPM-selectable radios that have a trainer jack. Alsofeatures a push button reset, adjustable stick lengths and knurledstick ends for sure grip.MultiMode allows two pilots to fly on the same PC simultaneously.Split screen imaging allows free flight "tag" or one on onetutoring.Easy one-click installation..simple enough for novice PC users!Streamlined menus reorganized to bring the most often used functionsto the front to cut search time.Previous RealFlight favorites are included such as:Heads-up NavGuideMulti-Cam picture-in-picturePlayback and Record modesSkill Events for single-player practice, or multi-player, on-linecompetitionAdjustable pilot perspectiveINCLUDES: Three Great Planes G3.5 RealFlight R/C Flight Simulator DiscsInterLink Plus ControllerOne interface cable with round 6-pin adapter for use with most radiosOne micro-plug adapter for newer Futaba radios with square portPrinted Installation GuideREQUIRES: Minimum System Requirements:(RealFlight needs AT LEAST these minimum standards to run withminimal features turned ON.)Windows Vista, XP, 2000, ME and 98Local administrator access required for Windows Vista, XP and 2000Intel Pentium 1.0GHz or equivalentDirectX 9 (or above) compatible video and sound card3D accelerated video card and 32MB (or more) RAM256MB RAM2.0GB hard drive spaceOptimum System Requirements:(RealFlight performs best with these settings or better.)Intel Pentium 3.0GHz or equivalent3D accelerated video card with 128MB (or more) RAM and vertexshader support1 GB RAMNote: A modern video card is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Make sure your cardis Direct X9 feature compatible.Multiplayer:56.6Kbps modem or LAN connectionInterLink Plus Controller:USB PortCompatible FM or FM-selectable transmitter (if using the interfacemode)Note: The connectors on the InterLink Plus cord and included adaptersmake the InterLink Plus compatible with the trainer jack on mostFutaba and all JR, Hitec and Tower Hobbies systems. Specialadapters for use with most Airtronics/Sanwa systems are availableseparately, (GPMZ4062)LAPTOPS: The RealFlight software has been run successfully on many laptops.Generally, laptops with the following video chipsets will runRealFlight adequately under most conditions:Nvidia GeForce 5500 (or higher)ATI Radeon 9600 (or higher)For more information about laptop video and sound cards, as wellas any other laptop issues, please contact Great Planes SoftwareSupport at:(217) 398-8970, option #1 or

realflight g3 expansion pack 2 serial number


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