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[S2E4] Trying To Stay Open UPD

Meredith presents Cristina Yang to Bailey and the rest of the interns. Cristina feels she is ready to get back to work. In the background is Cristina's mother, Helen. Helen asks if she would really be able to go back to work. Cristina is desperately trying to convince them she is okay - that she is taking in solid food and her pain is controlled by the medicine she takes. Helen tells them that the nurse said she had a fever earlier that morning. Bailey asks if it is true. Cristina admits it's true. George brings up the time Cristina worked two shifts with a high temperature and the flu. Cristina thanks George. Bailey tells her to stay in bed until it normalizes. Helen tells them that she reminds Cristina that there's more to life than her career. Cristina says, "Mother, go upholster something." Bailey tells her to just relax and get better, she can be a doctor next week. As they leave Cristina grabs Meredith's arm and says she cannot be left alone with her mother, that she is flying over the cuckoo's next. Meredith tells her she needs time to heal, winks at her and leaves. Cristina exclaims that she IS healed. She sighs, looks at her mother, and slouches in her bed. Under her breath she says, "Oh God."

[S2E4] Trying to Stay Open

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Burke is looking over Kalpana's chart. Cristina's trying to explain her theory - Kalpana is in and out of hospitals and that they're like family to her because her real family blows her off to care for other people. Burke says it's not enough, they have to rule out everything physical. Cristina says she lied about having a PhD too, she's only a pharmacy tech. Burke bitterly says, "I've been lied to before." Cristina says, "Hey, we're not talking about us here." Burke says maybe they should be. Cristina doesn't think she was lying. Burke says she withheld the truth. Cristina says, "I distinctly remember you breaking things off with me and you didn't seem so upset about it. This, this is not a relationship. This is not real." Burke leans further back into the chair he is seated on and says her name. Cristina adds, "So what's with the big display of hurt and drama?" Burke says her name again as she opens the door. She says, "I'm supposed to be in bed." He says her name again right before she closes the door. 041b061a72


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