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Jeff Kharidia
Jeff Kharidia

For Kayako

It exactly needs a parameter name as "name" and "email".However, The name field should exist under user_metadata sub-structure in Auth0.Unfortunately, using "" for kayako name parameter is not accepted because kayako plugin can not parse incoming object.

For Kayako

If you think the new Kayako is a better fit for your company than Kayako Classic and would like to discuss migrating, you can contact us by emailing You can check out our Help Center for more information about the new Kayako.

You can access your Kayako Staff CP through your domain and the credentials we've previously emailed to you. If you're using Kayako Download, please download your new license key through

If you are a Kayako Download customer and host your helpdesk on your own server and IT environment, you need to registerthe location of your helpdesk with Kayako so that the Chat Gateway knows where to connect to. Enter the URL to your helpdesk using the form below, andyou'll be given a to enter into your IM app. 041b061a72


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