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Where Can I Buy Paloma Picasso Perfume 'LINK'

Paloma Picasso Mon Parfum has the sillage of an '80s perfume but the gravitas and depth of a '40s chypre. (People will notice you when you have this on, in other words.) When I was a teenager, a beautiful woman used to come into this French cafe where I worked. She'd order a coffee, sit down and smoke her long, brown More cigarette at a corner table (you could do that indoors back then), usually alone. This was in the '80s in Texas, so most of the other big-haired ladies smelled like Giorgio. This mysterious woman always had on Mon Parfum, and I never forgot her.

where can i buy paloma picasso perfume

Download File:

There is the black one which you can get most easily, and then there are a couple opaque white plastic or frosted glass Paloma Picassos with light (not gold) caps. I have both, and I think the white is more beautiful and subtle, with higher quality ingredients. See the frosted bottle in the ad above? (Another light bottle looks like this: -mini-paloma-picasso-perfume-parfume-bottle)

this is really interesting article. I have also gotten my hands on paloma picasso vintage edp bottle (egg shaped bottle with transparent center) this year and like you, i also used to think they are different perfumes. And I have to admit, it is one of the most beautiful chypres from 80s i have smelled; one another with similar vibe of whom i also got vintage version is Trussardi Donna and that has also blown me away. 041b061a72


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