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Electric Power System By C.l.wadhwa

C L Wadhwa was a former Professor and Head, Department of Electrical Engineering at DelhiCollege of Engineering, Delhi, a technical institution of international repute.He had an experience of more than 35 years in teaching to undergraduate as well as postgraduateclasses in the areas of electrical machines, transmission networks, utilization of electric energy,switchgear and protection, high voltage engineering, electric field theory, advanced networkanalysis, computer optimization, economics of power system, computer methods in powersystems, etc. He had also contributed papers in national and international journals.

Electric Power System By C.l.wadhwa


The book provides a clear, systematic and exhaustive exposition of the various dimensions of electrical power systems, both at basic and advanced levels, explained and illustrated through solved examples.

* Fundamentals of power systems, line constant calculations and performance of overhead lines * Mechanical design of lines, HVDC lines, corona, insulators and insulated cables * Voltage control, neutral grounding and transients in power systems * Fault calculation, protective relays including digital relays and circuit breakers * Power systems synchronous stability and voltage stability * Insulation coordination and over voltage protection * Modern topics like load flows, economic load dispatch, load frequency control and compensation in power system. * State estimation in power systems, unit commitment, economic scheduling of hydrothermal plants and optimal power flows * Zbus formulation, power transformers and synchronous machines as power system elements * Large number of solved examples, practice problems and multiple choice questions. 350c69d7ab


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