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After the mixed critical response to The Phantom Menace, Lucas was hesitant to return to the writing desk. In March 2000, just three months before the start of principal photography, Lucas finally completed his rough draft for Episode II. Lucas continued to iterate on his rough draft, producing a proper first and second draft. For help with the third draft, which would later become the shooting script, Lucas brought on Jonathan Hales, who had written several episodes of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles for him, but had limited experience writing theatrical films. The final script was completed just one week before the start of principal photography.

star wars 2

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The prequel trilogy films often refer to the original trilogy in order to help connect the films together. Lucas has often referred to the films as a long poem that rhymes.[37] Such examples include the line "I have a bad feeling about this", a phrase used in each film, and lightsaber duels which almost always occur over a pit. As with Attack of the Clones, The Empire Strikes Back was the middle film in a trilogy, and of the original trilogy films, The Empire Strikes Back is the object of the most references in Attack of the Clones. In both films, an asteroid field is the backdrop of a major star battle in the middle of the film. Obi-Wan escapes Jango Fett by attaching his spacecraft to an asteroid in order to disappear from the enemy sensors; Han Solo uses a similar tactic by attaching the Millennium Falcon to a Star Destroyer in The Empire Strikes Back. As a retcon, John Knoll confirms on the film's DVD commentary that Boba Fett, who would later catch Solo in the act in The Empire Strikes Back, "learned his lesson" from the events of Attack of the Clones.[32] The Galactic Republic's clone troopers also establish the origin of the stormtroopers that play an important role in the original trilogy.The titles of both films refer to the response of the primary galactic government to a threat of rebellion.

Roger Ebert, who had praised the previous Star Wars films, gave Episode II only two out of four stars, noting "[As] someone who admired the freshness and energy of the earlier films, I was amazed, at the end of Episode II, to realize that I had not heard one line of quotable, memorable dialogue." About Anakin and Padme's relationship, Ebert stated, "There is not a romantic word they exchange that has not long since been reduced to cliché."[70] Leonard Maltin, who also liked all of the previous installments, awarded two stars out of four to this endeavor as well, as seen in his Movie and Video Guide from the 2002 edition onward. Maltin cited an "overlong story" as reason for his dissatisfaction and added "Wooden characterizations and dialogue don't help."[74] While TheWrap considered Attack of the Clones a "marginal improvement" over The Phantom Menace,[75] Screen Rant ranked it as inferior to Episode I and as the worst Star Wars film overall, citing its romance story, characterization, and acting as weak points.[76] Some film critics and fans criticized the CGI model of Yoda and his lightsaber fight; while many loved it, others believed it went against his character.[better source needed]

Back on Geonosis, Count Dooku tries to persuade Obi-Wan to join him, warning him that Darth Sidious is now in control of the Senate. Obi-Wan refuses to believe him, saying that the Jedi would have known if that was the case. Anakin and Padmé arrive on the planet, but are quickly captured by Jango Fett and sentenced to death, joining Obi-Wan in the Geonosis arena, where they are to be executed. Moments before heading outside, Padame and Anakin confess their love to each other. In the high stands, Count Dooku, Nute Gunray, Rune Haako, Poggle the Lesser, Jango Fett, and Boba Fett watch the start of the planned execution. The trio are forced to battle a reek, a nexu and an acklay while in chains. During their struggle, Mace Windu arrives with his Jedi strike team, and they battle Dooku's droid army in the arena. Upon seeing so many Jedi in one place, Jango Fett jetpacks down to the arena floor, and engages Windu. After a short struggle, Windu kills Jango due to his jetpack malfunctioning. While the Jedi put up a fight, they are eventually overwhelmed by the Droid Army's numerical advantage, and appear to be heading into defeat. Yoda unexpectedly arrives with the Republic's new clone army, but only a handful of Jedi had survived. Those killed include Sta-Den Eekin,[3] Sephjet Josall, Sar Labooda, Khaat Qiyn, Que-Mars Redath-Gom, Fi-Ek Sirch, Nicanas Tassu, Coleman Trebor, and about 160 other Jedi.

A book version of the movie was written by R. A. Salvatore. It includes scenes created by Salvatore and unique to the novel. The book's prologue describes Anakin, while flying to Ansion with Obi-Wan, having a nightmare of his mother turning into glass and shattering. The following pages relate the events leading up to Shmi Skywalker's capture by Tusken Raiders and Cliegg Lars's loss of his leg while attempting to rescue her. These scenes give a more detailed insight into Shmi's life on the moisture farm and her relationships with Cliegg, Owen, Beru, and C-3PO than can be provided in the film. Interspersed with these events are scenes of Senator Amidala on Naboo prior to her departure for Coruscant to vote on the Military Creation Act. She discusses with her sister the question of retiring from politics to start a family and receives reports about the unrest (briefly mentioned in the film) among spice miners on Naboo's moons. The book also delves more deeply than the film into the father-son relationship of Jango and Boba Fett, making Jango's death more emotionally meaningful. (However, it also has several inaccuracies concerning Jango. For example, the author referred to his armor as gray, when it is actually white with blue accents.) The first of the Boba Fett series of young adult novels draws upon this material.

Later I went on the Web to look at the trailers for the movie, and was startled to see how much brighter, crisper and more colorful they seemed on my computer screen than in the theater. Although I know that video images are routinely timed to be brighter than movie images, I suspect another reason for this. "Episode II" was shot entirely on digital video. It is being projected in digital video on 19 screens, but on some 3,000 others, audiences will see it as I did, transferred to film.

Natalie Portman is the reason I work out. I have this fantasy where we start talking at the Vanity Fair Oscars party bar. We exchange a few pleasantries. She asks what I do. I say I loved her in New Girl. She laughs. I get my drink.

this movie is pretty cool but i cant help but think about how better it would be if it was an arthouse lesbian romantic drama about padme and one of her handmaidens running away from the war to start a farm together in the outer rim and they lived happily ever after away from anakins bullshit

Playable Characters: Luke Skywalker (Jedi), Darth Vader Enemies: Royal Guard Boss: Darth Sidious (18 hearts) Setting: Death star throne room Summary: The evil Emperor Palpatine attempts to convert Luke to the Dark Side, but instead, Darth Vader, Luke's dad, converts to the Light Side and the two team up against the Emperor.

The game sold more than 1.1 million copies worldwide in its opening week.[8] Variety's Ben Fritz called it "adorable", and said that it was "no wonder it sold more than a million copies in its first week on shelves".[9] It was part of Gaming Target's "52 Games We'll Still Be Playing From 2006" selection,[10] and was placed tenth in GameSpy's "Game of the Year" PC top ten.[11] On December 22, 2006, declared LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy the best Star Wars related thing of 2006.[12] reviewer Jeremy Dunham said "it's a heck of a lot of fun and has a great amount of replay value beyond a single play-through. Best family game this year? Probably so." in his review, giving it a rating of "Impressive" with a score of 8.4/10.[13] GameSpot reviewer Ryan Scott said "anyone with even a sliver of nostalgia for Star Wars will find this to be a fun, good-natured romp." and gave it a rating of "good" with a score of 7.7.[14] GameSpy called it "a block-busting blast" and gave it four and a half stars, with a rating of "Great".[15] IGN called it "One of the Most Anticipated Family Entertainment Titles of 2006" in their press release of the game.[16] Reader's Digest named it as one of "5 Things We Don't Want You to Miss" in their September 2006 issue.[16] Figures released by The NPD Group show the game as being the third highest selling of 2006 for all consoles, except for PC.[17] Time magazine place in ninth on their list of the top ten video games of 2006.[18]

Day 1 of the 2022 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar is off to a cracking start with a Republic Gunship, or more technically, Low Altitude Assault Transport (LAAT). This ship was used to transport Republic Clone Troopers in and out from battle and doubles up as a gunship as well with a respected array of weaponry.

What a delightful way to start the 2022 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar with such a strong and well-designed model, and something to delight fans of Clone Wars-era Star Wars which has undergone a renaissance in recent years.

Day 3 of the 2022 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar is a Droid Tri-Fighter, a fairly obscure droid starfighter which first appeared on-screen Revenge of the Sith, but has also made appearances in the Clone Wars animated series.

Merry Christmas Jay to you and your family! This is our 5th year following along with you on the LEGO Star Wars Advent calendar! My son was 6 when we started! He wants to say that you are the BEST LEGO BLOGGER EVER! He follows your blog all year around and thinks you have amazing content! I unequivocally agree with him!I want to personally thank you for being such a big part of MY Christmas! You have helped my son and I build a wonderful Christmas tradition and I do look forward to it every year! I hope he never wants to stop! ?Once again, Merriest Christmas to you and your family! We wish you all the great things life has to offer in 2023! 041b061a72


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